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Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World English has a rich collection of free online English learning activities. Covering a broad range of topics with an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, these activities can be used by all English learners but are most suitable to ESL students at intermediate level and above.


  • Overview of English grammar, with a timeline of English tenses and a list of all irregular verbs in English
  • Grammar exercises on key grammar points including the use of articles and prepositions, future forms, comparatives and superlatives, conditionals, modal verbs, question tags, gerunds and infinitives, reported speech, word order, and the passive voice
  • Vocabulary quick reference section, featuring useful word lists (top 500 English words, top 100 English verbs, top 100 misspelt words, 100 words for advanced learners) and brief explanations of common idioms and slang expressions
  • Vocabulary activities, with thematic vocabulary tests and special exercises on word formation, homonyms, synonyms and antonyms, confusing words, phrasal verbs, and cockney rhyming slang
  • Writing, reading, and culture activities, tests, games, puzzles, and quizzes
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