ELT Podcast

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2012

ELT Podcast offers downloadable MP3 podcasts produced for students and teachers of English as a second or foreign language. The podcasts focus on developing students' listening and speaking skills as well as offer ideas and advice for solving some real-life English teaching issues. Although no longer updated, the site lists all of its past episodes in a user-friendly archive for easy download.


  • Basic and intermediate ESL dialog podcasts, each featuring a conversation between two or more speakers about an everyday topic, complete with transcripts and practice drills
  • Teachers' podcasts featuring ESL teachers discussing various topics related to education and English language teaching
  • Supplementary podcasts for students using the NorthStar Textbook
  • Phrase of the Week podcasts
Site URL: http://www.eltpodcast.com/index.html

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