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Posted on Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Johanna Stirling's The Spelling Blog publishes insightful articles about English spelling, offering readers useful tips on how to learn it. The blog also provides English teachers with practical advice on how to teach spelling. Read The Spelling Blog and gain new looks at a subject that is more often than not referred to as "dry", or, to use the blog author's words, "fuddy-duddy".


  • Categorized posts examining various aspects of English spelling learning and teaching, from basic rules such as the 'i'-before-'e' rule to more "advanced" topics such as homophones and loanwords
  • Embedded videos provided throughout along with short quizzes and activities, ideal for self-study
  • Printable/photocopiable worksheets in PDF format, audio files, and PowerPoint presentations for free download
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