The History of English in Ten Minutes

Posted on Monday, October 15, 2012

The History of English in Ten Minutes is a series of video podcasts produced by the Open University to chronicle the historical development of the English language from its beginnings to the present day. Consisting of ten videos, each only one minute in length, this acclaimed series provides English learners with a highly digestible overview of the history of the language, shedding light on the curious origins of words and phrases and charting the global expansion of English with amazing facts.


  • 10 one-minute podcasts, each focusing on one important topic: Anglo-Saxon, The Norman Conquest, Shakespeare, The King James Bible, The English of Science, English and Empire, The Age of the Dictionary, American English, Internet English, Global English
  • Full downloadable transcripts in PDF format for all videos
  • Links to related materials offered by the Open University
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