Writing for Business and Pleasure

Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2013

Writing for Business and Pleasure is a website about writing maintained by Stephen Wilbers, the renowned columnist and author of several acclaimed books about writing including Writing by Wilbers and Keys to Great Writing. For English language learners, this website promises exciting surprises with a great collection of quality resources designed to help them improve their writing skill.


  • Informative articles covering a range of topics related to writing in English, from "classic" ones such as how to punctuate and capitalize to more "advanced" subjects that involve writing like a bureaucrat or using Rogerian persuasion to "turn losers into winners"
  • Free self-study exercises on writing and grammar, both interactive and downloadable in PDF format
  • Free monthly tips on writing delivered by email
  • Free weekly resources: weekly error, weekly word, weekly poem
Site URL: http://www.wilbers.com/index.htm

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